Part 2 Occupy Wall Street

Hope everyone has had a GREAT holiday weekend.

Here are more photos from my visit down at Zuccotti Park.



"The occupy stimulus plan at work"





This woman is yelling at a guy who was selling buttons in the park. She said he was making a PROFIT and was not allowed to be making a profit in the park. This then incited a huge argument between the button guy and other members of the protest group.


Button Guy defending his right to make a profit.

I brought a few buttons from the button guy. With out profit how can we survive.




Don't ask...





























Occupy Wall Street on Thanksgiving Day @ Zuccotti Park



I had a very busy day Thanksgiving. Started with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, followed by a visit to Zuccotti Park .

Really glad I stopped by Zuccotti Park to witness the goings on. I will run a two day blog so you can see what I see.

Encountered some very interesting people and characters. All and all it was a peaceful day at the park.

Dinner was donated by various supporting citizens and several restaurants. I must say they where served a gourmet meal.

Turkey with all the trimmings.

People from all walks of life where present. Some young some old. Black/White, Asian and everyone in between.

You had people there who have jobs, but where there to show there support or dropped by to bring food.

Some folks where homeless and unemployed but so not by choice.

We are the 99%.









They call this Guy the "GENIUS" of Zuccotti Park











This fellow here said that Homeland Security was there watching them. He felt they could better spend their time and resources watching our boarders from terrorist.