We are the 99%-Occupy Wall Street Demonstration in NYC…

This past Saturday I was in the city and ran across a Occupy Wall Street Demonstration.

Here are a some picture I snapped with my Rebel.

We are the 99%.


114 thoughts on “We are the 99%-Occupy Wall Street Demonstration in NYC…

  1. Very effecctive images. It’s interesting how much more of the feel of what is going on in a brief moment is captured by taking pictures of the stages of movement of a crowd at a street corner as they pass. More or less static camera, moving event. Much more personal and involving. Many thanks for these images.

  2. Wow, look at the image of the woman holding the “Occupy Wall Street not Palestine” sign. Great job with the anti-semitism, OWS. No wonder these folks aren’t taken seriously by either side of the political spectrum.

  3. Image 1591…I should paste a sign like that on my coat, front and back…As an African American residing in Europe, I have had my share of frustrating police harassment…predominantly in France and Germany…An occurrence in Germany beckoned me to notify Amnesty International and the American Consulate in Berlin and Strasbourg, France. The police backed w-a-y off of me after I hired a German lawyer to represent me. They(German police) don’t bother me anymore…and by that I mean they look the other way when I approach the borders…The French police? Well, that is a different story…recently had an alteracation with six of them after I reversed into the street to merge into traffic…(I was coming from a doctor’s appointment, and had just received shocking news…They(six police officers) tailed behind me with a flickering light, and demanded that I follow them..Shocked, I pulled over, only to be screamed at, and terribly ridiculed…My neck in a brace, surrounded by xrays in two huge envelopes in the passenger side of my car, and a confirmation of my health(written in the French language), I offered these documents to them, which they took greedily, only to fumble through. I explained to them that I had just come from the doctor with shocking news, and they ignored all that I said. However, they tried to insinuate that I was simply a drama queen. (One police officer opened my back door and asked if I had drugs). No lie! They took my car keys, my passport, and told me I couldn’t drive anymore. They failed to phone my daughter or my doctor(at my request) and just acted insanely rude…I Crying and in shock, I intuitively knew that I could not be taken away by these screaming faces in blue. I asked to see a doctor. They phoned an ambulance and the ambulance came and took me to the hospital..A police officer came later and delivered my passport, car keys and a slip of paper with the street address where my car was parked. Later, after calming down, I was able to give the hospital nurse the name of a friend who fetched me. My blood pressure was ovrer 150.

    I totally feel for all folk involved at Occupy Wall Street. I pray for the safety of the women and adolescents who spend the night unprotected.
    Beware of dirty cops!!!
    If I were there, I would be carrying my sign, “We don’t feel no ways tired, we don’t have anything incriminating, but we are hungry!” Thank you for the photos!

  4. The truth is, Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are socialists and communists who hate freedom. They have an agenda that includes taking freedom away. They want government to be all powerful so it can take freedom away from the people who love freedom.

    They hate the free market. They hate Christianity. They hate Israel (Jews). They hate success. They preach love and tolerance, when they, with their profanity, have none.

    What they love is Castro’s socialism, Hugo Chavez’s socialism, North Korean socialism, and President Obama’s socialism. They pretend to be oppressed (they know they really are not) in order to achieve oppression.

    President Obama ought to be ashamed of what he and those he has sent out into the street are attempting to do to their fellow Americans.


    • They were at an Obama fundraiser last night protesting the money he was raising for his campaign from the rich and connected. If you think this is being run by Obama, you are dead wrong. Have you been to an Occupy? Doesn’t sound like it.

    • There is no free market. Neither you, nor your parents, nor your parents grandparents, have ever lived in a ¨free market economy.¨ That assumption on your part is the critical error in your foundational argument. Hhhmm, seems worshipping dollar bills, as the fat cats, and most americans, on wall street do, may be just a bit, uh, unchristian, don´t you think? I think that might break a couple of commandments, there.

      So capital-ism : holding the value of a piece of paper as above all other concerns, is good? While social-ism: holding the value of human social realtionships above all other concerns, is bad? I just don´t quite get that . ..

  5. Image 1579 ….the young woman with the sign…..poignant photo…she saddens me…the grammatical error(I was an English major) isn’t as important as her need for love…

  6. I really don’t appreciate it when the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect us are portrayed as part of this problem. Our peace officers and our soldiers are the reason we have the freedom to protest and I am eternally grateful for their service.

  7. Stay strong NY – the original “Occupy” – Here in Arizona, the movement grows. Personally, I am “occupying” in the hopes that my grandson will not be subjected to a dictatorial, corporate government representing & propagating its own self-interest.

    — Sensei John

  8. Thank you for putting the pictures out there and letting people draw their own conclusions. A true artist. Well done.

  9. in the right place, in the right time – nice shots. and greatly fitting name for your camera to be in the 99% crowd 😉

  10. Nice to see a bit more of the reality occupying wall street rather than the goofies that the media broadcast.

    Just a side suggestion, consider adding “Google +1” to your “Shares”!

    Great post

  11. These photographs tell thousands of words and convey my deepest emotions. I feel chocked up viewing them. I was born in the 1960s so this unrest I guess is in my blood.

  12. Don’t let up. Keep going and don’t stop. To all the Youth: there were protestors before you, now you are one of them. Don’t quit like the others, there is too much at stake.

  13. Thanks for your unselfish sharing and yes–your bravery– with this blog, this post! I have been tweeting about you for months! I am most PLEASED to be in the 99% while being very DISPLEASED with the 1%! And I am a white Southern mother and grandmother, about to be 65, with a college eductation, two very brilliant and successful and well-educated adult children and daugther-inlaw and two very bright and gifted preschool granchildren. We must never let the world forget that it needs US far more than THEM!

  14. Super on-the-ground pics, Nik! Two signs that really grabbed my attention were: “Who says crime doesn’t pay” and “Occupy Wall Street Instead of Palestine. The only criticism I have of the “occupiers” is that there are too many voices directed at too many issues.

    There should be one voice directed at the one machine that is the cause of all the economic and financial chaos that has infected, not only America, but the Western Nations as a whole. And that one machine is the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. That parasite must be abolished. Congrats on being freshly pressed. Peace and blessings.

  15. Protesters on Wall Street: hmmm… sounds familiar. But they call this thing peaceful and the tea party violent????? The Tea Party was SITTING, BEING QUIET, and holding up signs. From these pictures, the people are STANDING, not only standing, they’re WALKING, SHOUTING, PLAYING DRUMS, and holding up signs. Ummm, no, the news reporters and commentators have their heads screwed on the wrong way. Somebody needs to speak up to this issue. The world ought to know THE TRUTH.

  16. My Father was born in Northern Italy. He came to this country in 1926 thru Ellis Island at age 16. As a child, I remember him telling my Mother, there were only two goals in his life in coming to America. One, was to speak English so good, that people would not know he came from a foreign country, and Two, he wanted the honor of being an American Citizen. My Father accomplished those goals. If he could arise from the grave today for just a little while, he would immedatedly get ill again, and die quickly out of observation of these bums who fill our streets and parks with their dope, and their shit! These people only bring dishonor to our land.

  17. Excellent excellent work! OMG, now I actually feel guilty for not being there. Perfect, see how effective your blog is! The signs are incredible. The guy’s sign about protecting our children, the card board box that says “who said crime does not pay”. The lady with the banner, “occupy Wall Street not Pakistan”. It is like actually being there because these people are us. “we” or “we the people”. Excellent blogging. Best I have seen today.

  18. I keep wondering what occupy a wall street is all about Other than being jealous about someone else’s fortune. Granted the financial markets of been slandered some of the biggest group of been arrested .

  19. This is REAL journalism, Nikki. The messages of those panels are right not for Wall Street Demonstration only, but for every demonstration today in the World.
    I put a link to your blog on my FB page.

  20. Nice pictures. The thing that struck me most was the sheer diversity of the protestors. Of course, that made me look at the pictures of the cops again, and yep, there’s diversity there too, it’s just that your eyes are drawn to the uniform. And that’s why I’m uncomfortable with the 1%/99% slogans – they lump the opposition into a homogenous group and the reality is far more complicated than that. Maybe that’s why a photographic record of all this is going to ultimately be of more value than the millions of words written about Occupy worldwide (and I speak as someone who’s blogged quite a few of those words!).

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.

  21. I love the guy holding the “Pizza is not a vegetable” sign. He’s protesting about something that seems pretty insignificant at first, until you realise it’s just showing how mental the world has become! Saying pizza is a vegetable is getting around rules about healthy lunches; how many other rules are they ‘getting around’ by finding loopholes? Ones involving money, mostly!

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed 😉

  22. I support 1%. The 1% own the 99% and the 99% are getting pissed off about it. The 1% say they worked for it, but somehow now a lot has changed from the medieval period where lords governed absolutely. Now they just own everything in sight.

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