Homeless In New York City

This blog has taken me over a month to complete. Actually it will not be complete until homelessness is eradicated.

By far this was a very difficult task to take on. To see these people lying on the ground where people put garbage, where dogs do their business was more than a notion for me.

I hope by taking a look at these pictures we see that homelessness can happen to ANYONE!!!!

Some folks in the pictures where willing to share their stories with me, which I will share with you

I remember my dear grandma saying” the only time you look down on someone is when you are bending down to help them up”.

Enough said on my part…See What Eye See.

Pregnant and homeless

Elderly and homeless

This woman does not get  Social Security to survive on, because she worked off the books most of her life. She lives in a shelter for the elderly. She panhandles so she can eat and have pocket change.

Many sleep in the subway stations to stay warm and safe...if there is such a thing

Panhandling on the subways is an everyday thing

Al is a veteran who is homeless and jobless

Mary has been living and sleeping outside on 23rd & 6th Ave for YEARS!!!!

She is there almost everyday…rain or shine. Hot or cold.

I gather she is around 55-60 years old.  She said she has mental issues after she had a nervous breakdown many years ago.



Mary sleeping on the cold ground. It was 35 degrees outside this evening

Unknown man sleeping on subway bench

Pulling everything I own....

Sleeping in the park

Unknown homeless senior spending his day in the park

Church Lady

Woman was sleeping outside of this church on the cold ground.

If you see me in the street walk on by...

Unknown homeless man outside of Woodhull Hospital

Subway sleeping

32nd & 6th ave

A lot of homeless people can be found in and around Penn Station year round. 

Penn Station Homeless

Jake...lost his job and is now homeless

Penn Station Homeless

Homeless in Penn Station

Homeless in Penn Station

Homeless in Penn Station

Homeless in Penn Station

Homeless in Penn Station

Homeless in Penn Station

Ed... homeless @ Penn Station

Ed was is a veteran…who has been unable to find work after serving his country.

Homeless in Penn Station

Earl...homeless @ Penn Station

AJ...homeless @ Penn Station

Homeless Man sleeping in rat infested park

Sleeping in the park can be safer than the shelters Tom says

K..sleeps on cardboard to keep warm during the harsh winters in NYC

RB...has been sleeping on the streets by Penn Station for years.

Pete is a Iraq vet who has not been able to find work or an affordable place to live.

Homeless man

Sleeping on subway station benches to stay warm

RH...lives underground. He is also is a veteran. And is not homeless.

From Wisconsin...unable to find a job. Now living on the streets of NYC

Homeless in Brooklyn. Wraps legs in plastic bags to stay warm.


12 thoughts on “Homeless In New York City

  1. It is a shame in such a rich country 😦

    Great post since it is an issue worth fighting.

    A human being being is human being!
    Something that seems to be forgotten from now and then.

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  3. Oh, that these people could get to Jackson, MS and sign in with Stewpot Community Ministries, a multi-denominational, multi-faith ministry providing every conceivable service to foks such as these. Check it out on the web. I met my husband when we were both serving meals, assisting at the clinics and the clothes closets with Stewpot! Tell these people to go to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, okay? Or St. Mark’s down by Ground Zero!

  4. Wow Good Job #I feeL bad for those Ppl And IM THANKFULL TO GOD BECAUSE I HAVE A PLACE TO LEAVE AND FOOD TO EAT..#just needtostopConplaining #Hope that God Will be greatful to them.

  5. The images are very sad, I am opposed to photograph poor people, but there some crude realities that must be documented. I’ll show you my congratulations for pictures that you took. a dear greeting. Domenico

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  7. So sad that in America people have to live on the street. Excellent job in capturing their plight.

    Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  8. Hi Nikki,

    I’d love to use one of your fantastic images in a book we (Polity Press) are publishing on midwifery and pregnancy issues (entitled Sociology for Midwives). Please get in touch with me if you are interested.


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