Prospect Lefferts Gardens…Where I Grew Up.

Leffters Garden is where I grew up. There are many different styles of homes here from Limestone, Victorian Style to brick.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a residential neighborhood in Flatbush in the New York City Borough of Brooklyn. The area is bounded by Empire Boulevard to the north, Clarkson Avenue to the south, New York Avenue to the east, and Ocean Avenue/Prospect Park  to the west.


The land that is now Prospect-Lefferts Gardens was farmland before residential construction began there in the 1890s, continuing into the 1930s. The historic district, which includes Lefferts Manor and a few blocks to the northeast along Lefferts Avenue and Sterling Street, was designated in 1979.

As for Lefferts, the name originates with a 17th-century Dutch settler, Leffert Pietersen van Haughwout, whose family retained the land for centuries. One descendant, Peter Lefferts, was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Another, James Lefferts, sold the land to develop row houses. The name was officially conferred on the neighborhood in 1969.

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On the western border, Prospect Park — at 585 acres, according to the Park Alliance — is the largest attraction nearby, with its lake, ice-skating rink and zoo near three large entrances on Parkside Avenue, Lincoln Road and Empire Boulevard. The park’s Audubon Center, near the Lincoln Road entrance, features exhibits dedicated to wildlife preservation and nature education. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is just northwest of the neighborhood, adjacent to the park, with an Empire Boulevard entrance.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


4 thoughts on “Prospect Lefferts Gardens…Where I Grew Up.

  1. Wow, Nikki–you grew up in a great neighborhood–all that history and great architecture and wonderful parks, zoo, and Botanical Gardens! Must get to know Brooklyn better next time in NYC!

  2. Hi Nikki!!! I’m from Brazil and I’m going to be based in Prospect Lefferts Gardens during a vacation english course.I’ll hosted by a local family.
    Seeing your pics I feel happy to see these beatiful houses, trees and parks.
    I wanna know more about the neighborhood, the people who live there, if they are nice people, if it’s safe to go out at night.
    Most people in Brazil goes to Manhattan, and we don’t have many information about Brooklyn, except of the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Could you help me with these questions?

  3. Love seeing your world, Nikki. I’m from West Coast Canada so I’ve been raised in Western Canadian outdoors. So having a chance to see city life through the eyes of a resident makes it more personal and inviting. Thanks for sharing these insights.

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