On The Streets of Brooklyn Heights…

The other day I was passing through Brooklyn Heights and stopped to take a few pictures of the marvelous homes I saw there. Brooklyn Heights architecture is absolutely divine. Some of the homes here are well over a century old.

Brooklyn Heights boasts the greatest views of lower Manhattan and brownstone mansions that rival anything on Fifth Avenue. Considered to be the first suburb in America, the Brooklyn Heights of today is much more than a suburb. It has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods for Manhattanites ready to raise a family. It is a Manhattan neighborhood, located on the better side of the river.


 Some of the homes have such a suburban feel to them.

 See What Eye See…


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5 thoughts on “On The Streets of Brooklyn Heights…

  1. Yeah, it’s nice and you can’t beat the view – but Bedford-Syuyvesant has just as good architecture – especially the north end, better subway access, and is a damn sight cheaper to buy or rent in.

      • Yeah, I live there too – 8 years now – and had to stick up for the neighborhood, especially since it IS a neighborhood unlike Brooklyn Heights which is now just a bunch of Manhattanite strangers living around each other just like they do on their island.

  2. What EYE see is your love for life… keep up the good work! Maybe you should look into framing some and hanging on your wall… think about it…

  3. Brooklyn Heights IS pricey but amazingly lovely. We Southerners do not realize how many trees are planted there–and thriving. Loved the Japanses Magnolias.

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