Major Construction Underway in Lower Manhattan….

This morning I was in Lower Manhattan headed to a conference and decided to take a few minutes and snap a few shots of all construction and rebuilding going on down there.

On almost every street I ran across some construction being done. Of course the two main projects are The Freedom Towers and Fulton Street Transit Center. Both of these projects are moving along rather slowly if you ask me. And are well over budget.

See What Eye See…

Freedom Tower Buildings


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5 thoughts on “Major Construction Underway in Lower Manhattan….

  1. Yes the Freedom Towers look great from a distant… i enjoy seeing them in the evening time when they’re lit up against the skyline it reminds me a beacon of power or something……….

  2. I see what you see, Nikki~~~construction does not seem to be moving in a relatively “quick” pace. Thanks for sharing these. I also agree with you Velvet400. From my neighborhood during the holidays the Freedom Tower resembled a lit tree; an extraordinary design.

  3. This is not far from where my daugher lives. Always glad to have updates on the work on the Fulton Transit Center and the FreedomTowers. Thanks for taking time to capture those scenes and then share them with us here.

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