Washington Square Park at Night…

Washington Square park has come a long way. I remember back in the day when I use to hang out there with my buddies, we had to dodge rats and vagrants. Oh and needles.

But today the park has and still is undergoing major renovations. You can truly see the difference.

Before the Washington square was built in 1826, the area was used as a burial ground.

The north side was a German cemetery, while the south side was a potter’s field (a nameless burial ground). The area was later used as a public gallows and execution ground.

Between 1829 and 1833, a row of houses were built at the North side of the square. The prestigious houses, built of red Brick in Flemish bond in Greek revival style, became known as ‘The Row‘. The entrances are flanked by Ionic and Doric columns and have marble balustrades. By the end of the 19th century, the north side continued to attract rich and leading citizens, while the south side was populated with immigrants living in tenement houses.



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