May Day/Occupy Wall Street Protest…


On, May 1st, 2012
We celebrated a holiday for the 99%. New Yorkers joined with millions throughout the world. We came together across lines of race, gender, religion and immigration status, and we challenged the systems that divide us. We recognized the common struggles we face, the common interests we have, and the power we collectively hold. We took to the streets to strike against a system which does not work for us. We began to build the world we want to see. Another world is possible!

Events like this took place all over the world on May 1, 2012.

People from all walks of live where present.

There where well over 50,00 people present at the New York May Day Rally. Other cities have over 200,000.

See What Eye See…

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2 thoughts on “May Day/Occupy Wall Street Protest…

  1. These May Day events totally restore my faith in human kind! We CAN be better! We CAN overcome! We CAN do the seemingly impossible and take back our world from the money-changers! We need to drive them right out of the temples of our lives!

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