Dance Africa…

Dance Africa 35th Anniversary is upon us. This weekend a few of my buddies and I took a ride over to Dance Africa’s Bazaar. It was alive and bustling with energy. Crafts from all over the world can be readily found here. Foodie can lose their minds here with all the various foods.

A little history on Dance Africa…

Celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Africa and its diaspora at the DanceAfrica 2012 Bazaar. Over 300 vendors from around the world converge on the streets surrounding BAM, transforming the neighborhood into a global marketplace offering African, Caribbean, and African-American food, crafts, and fashion.

The Bazaar will also feature entertainment for families with face painting and crafts at the Children’s Village, and guest artists will be roaming through the marketplace throughout the day.

This is an experience that everyone should have at least once.

See What Eye See…

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7 thoughts on “Dance Africa…

  1. Nik…these pictures are fantastic. Wish I had come on by to check it out. There is always next year. Keep up the excellent work. I love Seeing What You See.

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