More From The Brooklyn Museum…

While at the museum I took many shots of the different exhibits running. Over the next couple of weeks I will run blogs on the different exhibits.

The Paradise of Despair

This piece is part of the Rachel Kneebone: Regarding Rodin features fifteen iconic works by nineteenth-century French master Auguste Rodin, selected from the Museum’s collection by British artist Rachel Kneebone and shown alongside eight of her own large-scale porcelain sculptures.

The Descent

The exhibition, Kneebone’s first major museum presentation, will highlight the artists’ shared interest in the representation of mourning, ecstasy, death, and vitality in figurative sculpture. The pairing also offers a visual comparison of the two sculptors’ materials and processes.

Pierre de Wissant, Monumental

Here are several other pictures from other exhibits in the Brooklyn Museum.


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2 thoughts on “More From The Brooklyn Museum…

  1. Wow, Nikki! This is so great–and we didn’t even have to pay admission! I really like to comparisons between the two artists’ interpretations of human mourning.

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