Just Around Central Park West…

Around Central Park there are many architectural delights to view.

 You can spend the entire day walking around the park See What Eye See…

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23 thoughts on “Just Around Central Park West…

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve shot there. Back when I was still shooting mostly film.

    Just a note; the second picture isn’t showing up on my monitor.

  2. I absolutely love photographing New York. Just could spend a career or a lifetime zooming in on interesting and unique architectural details alone.

    Really, really nice work, Nikki. I also liked your angled concert shots on another page.

  3. Some great architecture around Central Park and your shots do it justice.
    Some years ago I won a trip to NYC and spent my whole time in central park photographing the birds migrating north in spring. You guys have some of the most colourful warblers in the world. They make ours here in the UK look quite drab. There was a Red tailed Hawk nesting high on one of the buildings by the park; I feel sure it was on one of those you photographed.

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