The New Williamsburg…

Williamsburg…Williamsburg I remember you from way back when. Now one would hardly recognize you with all your new flare. Tall buildings, parks, bike lanes two lanes wide and tons of new restaurants and shops. Back in the day you could rent an apartment here for under 700 bucks a month; now if you are lucky that will be your share on a 4 way split.

  Everywhere you look there are new condos or many more being erected. Prices range from 350K- 2 million.

Once a place with no amenities now…

People relax in the new parks,added to increase the quality of life

People sunning on the lawns that says “keep of the grass”

There is now a pier you can hang out and fish.

The East River Park offers excellent views of the city from Williamsburg side.

See What Eye See…

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