Crossing Over into The City…

I convinced one of my friends to assist me in another photo experiment. Will she drove I snapped away.

Some pretty cool shot derived from this cool experiment. Note that some of the shots my not be crystal clear…but they are still cool.

The shots start at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Empire State Building

City Sky Line

High Rises on Lower Eastside

Lower Eastside

This is a random shot of a building we passed on the way to the FDR Drive

Now we are on the FDR Drive headed North

Notice the guys with the mattress

Soft Ball Field


The view of the city from the FDR are second to none.

Here you can see The United Nations Building ( the white building)

View from the FDR of Long Island City…

Tudor City

Queensboro Bridge

Pespi Cola Company

Queenboro Bridge

View of Roosevelt Island

Cool Buildings over Highway

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Long Island City

Traffic Jam…Glad we are not on that side of the road

Long Island City, Queens

Foot Bridge over to Queens

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

Hope you  like these shots of my drive by…

See What Eye See..






7 thoughts on “Crossing Over into The City…

  1. LOVED being a passenger along with you, Nikki! My daughter has taught ESL on many occasions in that UN building. Wonderful to view it as she must have done on her approach many times.

  2. When I shoot from the car, I have a setting on my camera that shows a racer. I set it on this setting and it allows for a fast shutter speed…see you caught some trees. I always catch the trees! Nice photos!

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