Another Freedom Friday…

It is that time again FREEDOM FRIDAY!!! This is were I put up shots that have no rhyme or reason. They just look cool to me.

New high rise building in Ft Greene

Sunset by Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Washington Square Park


Chariot Ride


22 thoughts on “Another Freedom Friday…

  1. I will not apologize if this sounds like a pun but the light bulbs shot is brilliant! Nice creative and love the new theme. Keep taking the shots!

  2. Washington Square Park is my favorite selection of these. They are all very well done, and capture interest in unique ways. I like the way you chose the random style.

  3. I love the light bulb shot, too! Yay light and shadow! And the look of the out-of-focus filaments is kind of weird and unexpected, but really interesting!

  4. Awesome pics! I love the first picture. You sure enjoy taking photos. Keep it up and I hope to see more interesting photos.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  5. LOVE all these photos–but the expression on the face of the “chariot” driver just freed me up to be as goofy as I please on Fridays (and other days, as well!)

  6. Yay for Freedom Friday! I just have to figure out how to upload more than one photo at a time! Your candid shots are great! Thanks!

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