Check out the Hook…

Today’s photos are of my ride to Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

I will be going back soon to take more shots of this cool little neighborhood.

Shipping Yards in Red Hook

The back of Fairway by the water

A little info on Red Hook…

Red Hook in Brooklyn is a surprising neighborhood tucked along an old industrial waterfront.

It’s chock-a-block with refreshing views of both the water and southern tip of Manhattan, dedicated local residents, and interesting venues. Red Hook makes for a great day trip from Manhattan for tourists and visitors, and an interesting place for Brooklyn residents to explore.

Red Hook in Brooklyn is more than your typical Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s a work in progress, defined by a mixture of light industry, open space, residential enclaves and a still palpable sense of urban pioneering. The population density here is lower than in most of Manhattan, so it can seem, by comparison, very quiet.

Water off of Fairway in Red Hook

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Verrazano Bridge in the back ground

Statue of Liberty

See What Eye See…

5 thoughts on “Check out the Hook…

  1. Very revealings shots in various parts of Red Hook, Nikki! These old industrial neighborhoods cum-residential always fascinate me with their variety and their depth of personality!

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