Under The Manhattan Bridge…

Today’s pictures are shots I took while riding my bike under the Manhattan Bridge.

What a view of the city from down here near Dumbo.

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View of The Brooklyn Bridge

See What Eye See…


11 thoughts on “Under The Manhattan Bridge…

      • Hi Nikki, love your pictures! I am planning a trip to Manhattan later this year, and the Manhattan Bridge is one of the things that I want to see. I keep hearing about DUMBO, and I see the great pictures of yours and a few on some other sites, but I’m always wondering how to get to the areas where you took your pictures. I know what DUMBO stands for, but I can’t figure out where I need to be to get some great shots. I saw some pictures with a caption that said they were taken on the rocks at DUMBO. Can you (or anyone here) help me out a little…please??

  1. I’ve never been to New York, so the scenery is fascinating to me. Great pictures. I especially like the ones that were skewed – we expect to see these objects level with the horizon and it was fun to look at them a different way.

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