Helping Victims of Sandy

Hello My Friends-

Below you will find a link to a Hurricane Sandy campaign that I am working on. Please check it out and help if you can.

These people really need your help. With your donations we will purchase blankets, warm clothes and pampers.

To make matters worse, we have another storm headed our way.

Thank you in advance for your help.

God Bless



The Wrath of Sandy…See What Eye See…

It is mind-blowing what I have been seeing over these last several days. I have been driving when I can and walking around the city to see what I can see. It is heartbreaking to see people without shelter and basic necessities. The destruction Sandy caused is something I will NEVER forget. It has turned New York, New Jersey and Connecticut into places you would not even recognize. Washed away homes, flooded streets, and trees have been blown from their foundations. Just total devastation. Sandy brought us to our knees. Many people are still without power and running water. The temperature here has dropped to below 40 degrees at night and thousands are without heat. ┬áBut I will say it could have been so…so much worse. God had mercy on us.

See What Eye See…

Gas Lines

Long Gas Lines.

Waiting for gas in long lines.

Total Darkness

No Gas

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Selling gas to the stranded.