Celebrate Brooklyn With Les Nubians

This is one the the many reasons I LOVE BROOKLYN...”Celebrate Brooklyn”.
All summer long they have free concerts for any and everyone.
This Saturday I went to see Les Nubians preform at Prospect Park. And let me tell you it was well worth being outside in what felt like 100 plus degrees that evening.

Les Nubians is an R&B Grammy-nominated duo composed of sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart from Paris, France. In 1985 the sisters moved with their parents to Chad. Seven years later, they returned to Bordeaux, France, and began singing a cappella, producing poetry slams in Bordeaux and Paris, and singing background vocals for various artists worldwide. The duo’s debut album Princesses Nubiennes was released by Virgin Records, France, in 1998.

They have become one of the most successful French-language musical groups in the U.S., best known for their Billboard R&B Single “Makeda” from their Grammy nominated album Princesses Nubiennes. Les Nubians were the 1999 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards winners for Best New Artist, Group or Duo and received two NAACP Image Awards nominations in 2000.
For those of you who are not aware of Les Nubians…See What Eye See..

20130706_211911_LLS 20130706_205450_LLS 20130706_205434_LLS 20130706_202517_LLS 20130706_202459 20130706_201910_LLS 20130706_200558 20130706_201441_LLS 20130706_201500_LLSIMG_0356 IMG_0515 IMG_0526 IMG_0548 IMG_0588 IMG_0605 IMG_0619 IMG_0621 IMG_0625 IMG_0776 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1201 IMG_1203IMG_0274 IMG_0796 IMG_0294 IMG_0271 IMG_0276 IMG_0325 IMG_0313 IMG_0286IMG_0796 IMG_1023 IMG_1211 IMG_1168 IMG_1193 IMG_1152 IMG_1088 IMG_0977 IMG_1036 IMG_0905 IMG_0896 IMG_0887 IMG_0884 IMG_0858 IMG_0855 IMG_0945 IMG_0933 IMG_0759 IMG_0744 IMG_0740 IMG_0641 IMG_0586 IMG_0420IMG_0412 IMG_0410 IMG_0402 IMG_0395 IMG_0392 IMG_0384 IMG_0377 IMG_0369 IMG_0365 IMG_0350 IMG_0347 IMG_0342IMG_0340 IMG_0313 IMG_0294 IMG_0274


10 thoughts on “Celebrate Brooklyn With Les Nubians

  1. Nikki, thank you very much for taking an interest in Gwichyaa Zhee. I have enjoyed browsing your images of Les Nubians. Art festivals are fascinating, aren’t they? Best wishes in your photography!

  2. Thanks for the follow on Laura’s Lens–lots of beauty in this world to capture and share. Thanks for your eyes in Brooklyn!

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